Do you have any questions about supply-side platforms? Well, you have arrived at the right place, then. If you are not sure of what they are or how they function, or even which one to choose, discover more by reading on.

The advertising sector has changed throughout time. In the past, businesses used media like radio, television, newspapers, etc. to promote and sell their goods and services. As time has gone on, more efforts have shifted from traditional to digital media. Because of the capabilities of this new platform and the new opportunities provided by programmatic advertising, businesses can now grow more quickly than in the past.

Along with rapid technological improvements, consumer preferences and advertising tactics have also evolved significantly. Businesses and marketers must come up with creative strategies to target customers conveniently. These developments have increased the number of digital advertising organisations that help businesses promote themselves. Programmatic marketing, one of the fastest-growing types of advertising, primarily comprises the automated acquisition and disposal of advertising space.

Supply-side platforms are useful in this situation since publishers use them to manage their display space. Before, it was up to each publisher’s salesmen to handle the laborious task of selling ad space to those in the advertising industry. Supply-side platforms have automated and simplified this process.

How Do They Work?

These websites host a wide range of worthwhile advertising space from various publishers. Publishers get access to a bigger pool of potential clients thanks to the platforms’ connections to various ad exchanges. Publishers can insert pixel codes onto web sites to track user behaviour on supply side platforms and make them available as sources for adverts. Publishers can set prices for ad space to reflect its true cost and filter advertisements using a range of criteria.

By selling ads in real-time, publishers may also give customers more details about specific impressions and a brief explanation of the advertising demand. This ensures that publishers make the most money out of their ad inventory by selling it at the greatest price.

There are several SSP businesses. The choice of SSP provider may be influenced by the strategy, objectives, financial constraints, nature of the campaign, and target markets. Even though we are aware that it can occasionally be a challenging undertaking, choosing the best one for your company’s requirements is crucial to its success. We are here to present you to the very best one for 2022 as a result.

In 2022, Which Supply-Side Platform Is The Best?

This difficult question has a straightforward solution: MediaFem. A full-service SSP network with more than 13 years of ad monetization experience, MediaFem was founded in the UK. Ad codes are frequently used by publications to entice users to read more on the same page or to generate revenue from referral traffic. 

One advertising company uses cutting-edge analytics to provide its clients with services like A/B testing, intelligence reporting, and personalization—all of which are essential for the success of new media.

With no up-front costs, MediaFem works with publishers on a revenue-sharing basis, supporting all native, display, mobile, and audio formats. No matter the location, these numbers apply to all publications and are not averaged. For their implementations, publishers have a choice of header bidding or the standard One Ad Code option.

To get started, create a MediaFem publisher account by following the procedures listed below:

1-When you reach the MediaFem website, click “Sign up.”

2-Enter the necessary details, such as your name, email address, password, website, or download URL (only for mobile).

3-Go to your dashboard after the platform has given you permission. Pick the desired option from the drop-down menu next to “Ad units.”

4-Save your changes after carefully considering the important facts. On your website, advertisements will start to appear, and every contact you make with them will earn you money.